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Swap gigs with Sterling Riggs: Rumpke Trashman

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Louisville, KY (WDRB)  --  From news anchor to garbage man.  A local Rumpke employee took the challenge to "Swap Gigs" with Sterling Riggs.

Sterling traded in his suit and tie for a neon vest and work gloves.  He got to jump on the back of a Rumpke garbage truck to see what it's like to do the seventh most dangerous job in America: The job of a garbage man.

Rain, shine, sleet or snow, neighborhood garbage men do what it takes to get the job done.  Rumpke employee Jonnie Jaggers showed Sterling the ropes.  He says, "You just have to like the outdoors and have a good strong stomach."

"This job is not to be lazy, you just keep hustling," Jaggers says.  In the past two years he's seen and smelled it all.

Sterling asked him what's the nastiest thing you've ever seen?  Jaggers says "There's a bunch of stuff out there like deer. People throw their carcass away. Then you open it up and there is a big live angry opossum in there."

And while the smell of working around so much garbage is tough on the stomach, there are perks.  Jaggers says, "You won't believe what you find in here."

On the day of Sterling's trial run, the found a nice piece of luggage and a toy duck.

But as Sterling found out, you have to be on your toes and watching for low hanging branches and other obstacles.  Being a garbage man is actually the seventh most dangerous job in the United States.  Jaggers wants to make sure everyone remembers that there are people on all those slow-moving garbage trucks on the road.   He says, "If you see a garbage truck, there is always a guy behind him, and he wants to go home at the end of the day."

After just a few streets on a sunny day, Sterling had enough of being a garbage man. But would Rumpke and Jaggers consider him for another ride along?  "After about a week or so, he'll get his pace up. You would have been a little faster if you would of worn shorts."

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