JEFFERSONVILLE, IN. (WDRB)--A Jeffersonville crime victim says she came face to face with the perpetrator at a very unlikely place: A mayoral debate. 

"There really was just kind of a vague description," says Sarah Green, whose yard sign was vandalized.  That's all Green had to go on last week when she caught someone vandalizing her political yard sign.

"I didn't have any idea how they would find that person."  So imagine Green's surprise when she came face to face with the woman again. "I was about halfway through the debate when I spotted the girl that I saw in front of my sign."

Green was at the Jeffersonville mayoral debate as a supporter of Mayor Tom Galligan.  She says she confronted the woman and even used her cell phone to take a picture.  "And she didn't deny it.  I gave that photo to the police and I think they're looking into it right now."

Jeffersonville police say they are looking into the case but won't comment on camera right now and mainly because it's a misdemeanor crime.  "I would not have shown up at the debate if I had done that."  And that wasn't the only surprise of the night for Green.

"She was wearing a Mike Moore shirt at the debate."  Mike Moore is Galligan's chief rival, but no one believes the republican challenger had anything to do with defacing yard signs.

"I'm a campaign manager and I understand sometimes it's a little like herding cats and you can't control everything," says Phil McCauley, Galligan's campaign manager.

Moore would not go on camera for this story, but told us by phone he questions the credibility of Green since she was recently hired by the mayor.

Meanwhile, Green says it happened and it's not a case of mistaken identity.

"I mean I was in a foot of her when I came down here you know to the sign so I saw here very clearly and the car she drove off in and I saw her get into that car at the debate."

Police say at worst the suspect would face a criminal mischief charge.