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Debates Aren't Mandatory (10/4/11)

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Supporters of David Williams and Gatewood Galbraith have been giving Governor Steve Beshear a lot of heat lately for avoiding debate opportunities with his two main opponents. And I certainly understand their frustration.

But those who are insisting the Governor has a duty to debate his opponents whenever they wish don't really understand our political system.

Debates aren't required by law. They're political tools used by all sides to compare and contrast their positions with those of their opponents in hopes of gaining an advantage. But when there's no advantage to be gained, candidates are smart to regard them warily.

With a lead of approximately 30 points, why would Governor Beshear want to provide his opponents any more opportunities to share his spotlight than absolutely necessary? And he makes a point when he says that lead itself is proof that the people of Kentucky are familiar with his policies and seem to overwhelmingly approve them.

If voters really are upset with Beshear's reluctance to debate, he'll get an unwelcome surprise on Election Day. But otherwise, he's just using smart politics by playing hard-to get.

Do you agree? Call and let us know.

And remember -- there WILL be a debate featuring all three candidates on the same stage next Tuesday at 7 PM, and everyone can see for themselves how they compare side-by-side when it airs live, here on WDRB.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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