LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police say a man accused of littering just didn't want to give anything away. Not his age. Not his date of birth. Not his address. Nothing.

And that made the difference between a simple citation and going to jail.

According to an arrest report, it started when an officer saw 43-year-old Richard Stewart throw trash on the sidewalk in the 900 block of S. 2nd Street, near W. Breckinridge Street.

The officer stopped Stewart to give him a citation, and discovered that he had no identification on his person.

"When I asked how old he was, he paused, then said, '42,'" the officer stated. "He gave a date of birth that made him 43. When I asked his age a second time, he got it wrong again."

Then the officer asked him to recall the last time he got arrested, and Stewart allegedly said it was in 2011, but the name he gave the officer indicated that he hadn't been arrested since 2004.

When questioned again, he said he had last been arrested in 2010, for stalking.

He wouldn't tell the officer his address, allegedly stating that he lived, "here, there and everywhere."

"For those reasons, I believe that if I cited and released him, he wouldn't come to court," the officer stated.

Thus, Stewart was arrested and charged with criminal littering.

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