It is a peaceful place where no one would ever expect tragedy in broad daylight. Two days after a local park turned into a murder scene, the family is slowly dealing with losing a second loved one to violence.

Retaliation is often how people deal with murder, but Cody Cantrell's friends and family are remembering him and his father. Friends and family gathered at the site where 17 year old Cody Cantrell was shot Thursday--the splash ground at Algonquin park. It is the same place where mothers take their babies for a stroll, or push them in a swing. "They create hell in the same place that people are trying to have peace," said community activist, Christopher 2X.

Cody's grandmother takes comfort from friends, teenagers who chose to organize a vigil instead of vengeance. "We have to congratulate the teens on being positive in a bad situation," said Sharon Cantrell.

Police have been talking to witnesses--as there were many at the park Thursday. They say it was an argument that escalated. It is not the first time Sharon Cantrell has lost a loved one to murder, her son, David Cantrell, was shot and killed in 2009, not far away from Algonquin Park.

It took police two years to find her son's alleged killers, Tyrone Poe Junior and Dayshawn Talbert. While she looks to her faith for peace, she does have a message for Cody's killer: "He needs to straighten up his life," she said, "'cause he may be gone for a while for killing my grandson."

If you have any information about this case, call the anonymous police tipline at 574-LMPD.

A wake for Cody Cantrell is Thursday at New Zion Baptist Church from 6-9 P.M.

The funeral is Friday at 11A.M.