LEAVENWORTH, IND. (WDRB) -- The family of a missing cave explorer is asking for more experienced volunteers to join the search effort.

After eight days of searching there is still no sign of Kevin Eve. The 25-year old Iraq war veteran is an avid spelunker. His mother says he is "very fit" and often explores caves. He was last seen on Oct. 1. His car and a few clothing items were found two days later off a gravel road in the Harrison-Crawford State Park.

Becky Eve is becoming concerned her son might have been hurt and trapped in a cave.

"Not knowing where he is and being at home waiting for that door to open and he's just going to walk in and say 'Oh, I'm sorry' was I supposed to call you people. That's the hard part... missing him," said Becky Eve, his mother, during an interview Sunday.

At times the search team has numbered as many as 50, but Sunday it dwindled down to a few friends and family members. They headed off in small groups on foot or by truck.

Indiana conservation officers are asking for more input on Eve's whereabouts. They're hoping more people will come forward with information.

"He's just a very avid caver. Very fit. We just want to bring him home," Becky Eve said.

Kevin's mother Becky sits vigil while others have hit the trails, exploring caves in Indiana's Harrison -Crawford State Park.

This weekend, the woods are bit emptier. A bit quieter. A spelunking convention out-of-state cut down on the number of volunteers.

Still, Becky holds out hope. Her son was in the Air Force and she claims has survival skills.

"Kevin is still out there and we believe he is hurt in a cave either broken bones maybe trapped, wedged between some rocks and can't get out. And we need cave (enthusiasts) to come and help find him," she said.

Cora Showalter, an Indiana conservation officer, says search crews have been frustrated. 

"We haven't found anything for us to show that he's still here but we don't have evidence showing that he's not here," she said.

Becky Eve is hoping more experienced spelunkers will join the search effort. A small team of cave explorers is expected to rejoin the search effort on Monday.