LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- The son of Louisville's police chief is in jail - charged with assaulting Robert C. White stood quietly as special prosecutor Susan Ely described him in just two words. "He's homicidal and suicidal," says Ely.

Police say White was driving down Aiken Road on Monday night near Lake Forest Country Club. He had just picked up his wife from work and the two were arguing about their divorce. "The defendant began assaulting the victim in the car," says Ely "He hit her once then punched her again."

The police report says White's wife yelled out, "Let me out. Let me out." Then investigators say White grabbed his wife by the arm, refusing to let her go. "In the car, he not only threatened to kill the victim but her family. White's wife said she was in such fear for her life that she somehow managed to break free from her husband's grasp and she jumped out of the car while it was still moving.

"She had significant injures all over her body," says Ely. "A passing motorist saw her do that and called 911."

White reportedly headed to the chief's house, but his dad was not home. White reportedly started drinking large amounts of alcohol." He then stated his life was over and he was going to kill himself. He went to look for a gun in the home and the gun had been moved," says Ely.

Shortly after police arrested White and charged him with assault, unlawful imprisonment, terroristic threats, and wanton endangerment. A judge entered a not guilty plea on his behalf. White's wife took out a domestic violence petition and emergency protection order against him Tuesday afternoon.

"As any parent, Chief White and his wife are extremely disappointed in their son's behavior," said Sgt. Robert Biven with Louisville Metro Police. He spoke to the media Tuesday morning on behalf of Chief White. He said the chief was away on a personal matter. Biven said, "He (Chief White) does feel very adamant that the appropriate charges were placed last night.

White's bond was raised from $25,000 to $50,000 full cash. Sgt. Robert Biven says LMPD will assist with the prosecution and say White with not receive any special treatment. He has no prior charges in Jefferson County. He told the judge he doesn't have a job and receives unemployment, but the judge says he's not eligible for a public defender.