BROOKS, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police say a local contractor is squeezing thousands out of victims across Kentuckiana.  

"All of these places and he was suppose to go three inches thick around all of it and it don't look like that to me," says Helen Trautwein, an alleged scam victim.

Trautwein says her driveway is an example of what several thousand dollars paid for. 

"Well it turned out to be $7,500," she says.

A few months ago, Trautwein says James Boswell approached her down the street from her home in Brooks, Kentucky.

"So I come back down the road and he followed me," Trautwein recalls. "I pulled in my driveway and he said: 'Sign this paper, sign this paper!' I said: 'What is it?'" 

Turns out it was for a job Trautwein says she didn't need or want.

"He said I got some asphalt left on the truck and got to get it off, it can't stay on there," Trautwein says.

That's when Trautwein says she signed the paper against her will ''cause I was scared they was hovering around my car door when I opened my car door and I just signed it."

And that wasn't the only thing Trautwein signed that day. 

"So he came in my kitchen and I wrote the check for him," Trautwein says. "Because I thought I had to, you know?"

Police say the work that was performed on Trautwein's property is "pathetic."

"I mean, I went out there and looked at it and took photographs of it and you can actually see layers that are not even covered," says Detective Scotty McGaha with the Bullitt County Sheriff's office.

Bullitt County detectives are now involved and say Boswell has hit elderly people across Kentuckiana. 

"And he has got several pending court dates coming up in Shelby County, Jefferson County and in Clark County, Indiana," McGaha says.

And Boswell's paperwork lists 9016 Taylorsville Road as his business address, but that turned out to be the address of a UPS Store. 

Meanwhile, police say they've actually talked to the suspect. 

"Mr. Boswell actually called me and wanted to know if there were warrants on him and I confirmed those warrants to him asking if he wanted to turn himself in," McGaha says.

For now, Boswell is still on the loose and until that changes Helen Trautwein has concerns. 

"I'm still scared of him; I am scared he's coming back," says Trautwein.

Right now, police are looking for other victims and they're asking anyone with information on Boswell's whereabouts to contact them right away.

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