LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police say a man who was shoplifting in Walmart tried to make a clean getaway, leaving two young children behind.

It happened last night at the Walmart on Cedar Springs Blvd., near Bardstown Road and the Gene Snyder Freeway. Police say Michael S. Kaufman and 19-year-old Kelsey Grobmeier walked into the store with two small children -- and 18-month-old and a 3-year-old.

At one point, Kaufman was allegedly caught by store security trying to leave the store with a cell phone that had been taken from the shelf and ripped from its package. Police say he also tried to leave with a tablet PC, but he wasn't able to get it.

The display on the tablet PC was destroyed.

"Store security attempted to stop the suspect, but he fled the scene, leaving two small children," police say, adding that his actions, "left the children at risk of physical injury."

At one point, police say Grobmeier went to store security to retrieve the children. Shortly thereafter, security noticed that she had placed several items of makeup under the baby car seat with the child placed on top of them.

According to the arrest report, Grobmeier had been caught stealing a few months ago, "and was told not to return to the property."

Both of them face charges of theft and endangering the welfare of a minor.