LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police say another UPS employee has been arrested for stealing the iPhone 4S!

On Friday, WDRB.com told you about Raylon Brooks, a man accused of taking one of the new iPhone out of the UPS shipping box and trying to walk out of the UPS building with the device concealed in his boot.

Today, we've learned another UPS worker has been arrested. It happened last Thursday. Police say Navin R. Johnson pulled the iPhone out of its shipping box, walked into the bathroom and hid it in his pants pocket.

They say he later sold the $649.00 iPhone 4S to a fellow employee for $100.

The's been arrested and charged with theft.

The alleged theft is similar to the aforementioned crime committed by Brooks. According to Brooks' arrest report, his crime also took place last Thursday. Police say 21-year-old Raylon J. Brooks an employee of UPS, removed an iPhone -- worth $649 -- from a shipping pallet and hid it inside his boot, then tried to walk out of the building with it.

But it didn't quite work out as he planned.

"UPS did a random audit today, and as employees were leaving, they made them take their shoes off," the arrest report states.

Police say that, when Brooks took his boots off, the iPhone fell out.

Brooks allegedly admitted to stealing the iPhone and gave a written statement. He was arrested and charged with theft. He appeared before a judge for arraignment this morning and was released on his own recognizance.

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