Time for more Darts and Laurels. 

My first Laurel goes to the UAW for voting to ratify a new four-year contract with Ford, a move that will keep over 40,000 employees – 5,000 here in Louisville – off the picket line and on the assembly line. While the workers won't receive any raises, they will all receive a $6000 signing bonus instead. And that, spread over the life of the contract, still equals a 3% raise for a worker earning $50,000 annually.

But a Dart goes to the "Occupy St. Louis" group that invited fans to watch the opening game of the World Series for free on a big screen where all commercials would be blacked out. Their stated goal was to "show the world that there isn't a need for corporate sponsors to enjoy baseball." 

But who do they think made that telecast possible in the first place? There definitely is a need for corporate sponsors to enjoy baseball -- at least if you want to watch it for free on TV -- and hijacking the broadcast those corporations paid for to make an anti-corporation case is the height of hypocrisy.

And finally a Laurel goes to the city of Louisville for finally beginning work to reopen the stretch of Seventh Street between Main and Washington that was previously closed for Museum Plaza construction. And anyone who drives downtown very much doesn't need me to explain why 

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.