LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) -- Police say a man who tried to rob a house ended up murdering a man inside.  Police believe 62-year-old Roger Duvall was trying to rob a man inside a home on Deibel Way near Taylorsville Road Monday morning.

They say Duvall beat two people in the house so severely that one man died.  The coroner's office says 30-year-old Patrick Howard died of head injuries at University Hospital Monday afternoon.

Someone alerted a police officer who lived just next door to the house and that officer arrested Duvall, who is charged with murder, assault, and robbery.

In court Tuesday morning, Jefferson County District Judge Gina Calvert had sharp words for him:  "You are denied a bail credit because I find you a danger to the community...Mr. Duvall, you're also under an order that you're not to possess any firearms or any deadly weapons.  Do you understand? You're not to own them, possess them, touch them, or even look at them."  Duvall is being held in jail on a $600,000 full-cash bond.

Police say there could be more arrests.  The woman who was beaten inside the home has minor injuries. 

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