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Guest Editorial – Graffiti (11/7/11)

If you are like me, you are totally disgusted with graffiti art which is showing up on public and private property, in downtown Louisville and in the inner city.

Something must be done to curb this vandalism. The parents of under-aged kids doing this activity should be held responsible for what their children are doing. Most of their craft is done in the dark of night when these young offenders should be at home asleep, or at least off the street.

If we, the citizens, and law enforcement do nothing to let these kids know that what they are doing will not be tolerated, it will increase more and more. And most inner-city dwellers know that much of these graffiti displays are connected to gangs that want to make their presence known.

I beg the police department to try and come up with strategies to identify these kids, and at least make them clean up what they've messed up.

I ask citizens to anonymously report kids that you see doing this vandalism to CrimeStoppers. I suggest that businesses install cameras to get these offenders on tape, so they can be identified. And I ask parents, please teach your children to not break the law by marking on other people's property. That's the best way to "nip this thing in the bud."

My name is Rene Hardin and that's my Point of View.

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