Your opinion matters! And now you can let WDRB and the world know how you feel about our editorials simply by clicking on the "record" button on the red "Punnbar" built into the video player above.

You'll need to sign in with Facebook or Twitter to get started, then follow the prompts to record and share your video. Then email it or share it on social media sites.

Once you've recorded your video comment, it will appear on the Punnbar and anyone who clicks on your clip an leave a video comment of their own. Click on the thumbnail image of their clip to see what they have to say -- and fire back another response if you choose.

We call it leaving a Punn and you can Punn as often as you like.

To return to the original video, click on the "back" arrow just below the "Record" button.

If you your computer isn't equipped with a web cam, you can use your iPhone (this feature will be available on Android devices very soon) to record your video. You'll see an option called "Use Mobile Device" after you click on the "record" button. Follow the prompts and send your response.

It's your turn now, so don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel.

We may even air your comment and respond to it in one of our newscasts.