I've never made the trek to the North Pole to visit Santa, but I'm pretty sure a stop through KaLightoscope at the Galt House Hotel is as close as you can get in these parts.

Twenty-one Chinese artists descend on the Galt House to bring the Christmas characters to life. They're from Zigong China where the ancient art of building lanterns is passed down from generation to generation.

Ms. Wong passed on a little knowledge to me...through an interpreter.
"She said that you are doing well and that she is going to hire you," her interpreter says.

Every lantern is hand made. After the wire is put in place, the glue is applied, and it's time for the fabric.

"Look at that!" I exclaimed. "We are making progress ladies."

It takes about a month from start to finish. And 35,000 lights will be used to light up downtown.

This year's village is shaping up to be even bigger and better. New this year, you can walk through a Candy House, or watch snowmen skate around the rink.

"We've added a new attraction. We've added the Christmas Village and Snow Fox is going to have a new home in that village, which he is excited about and we are too," says Director of Marketing at the The Galt House, Rita Reedy.

"And children can come up and write whether they have been naughty or nice. Sterling are you on the Naughty or Nice list? "Definately on the nice list," I said. "Really it depends on who you ask."