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What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You (11-17-11)

A recent study revealed that of America's youngest adults -- those 15 to 26 -- only 54% said it was important to pay attention to government or politics.

Fewer than half of those eligible said they bothered to vote in most elections.

And only 40 percent knew which party controlled Congress.

A bleak picture, indeed.

But this isn't exclusively the fault of young America. Far too many of our elected officials – and many of us in the media – share much of the blame for this apathy.

After all, if every day didn't seem to bring a new example of public corruption, young adults might not view the entire process with such disdain. And if the media would pay more attention to ideas and substance rather than irrelevant scandal and personal trivia, becoming involved in politics might not be so repelling.

There was some good news in this report, however. Those who had been exposed to even one Civics class during their education were much more likely to take an active role in staying politically informed and active in their communities.

Could there possibly be a better argument for including more civics lessons in our kids' classrooms?

It's probably too late to change the attitudes of today's young adults. But tomorrow's are another matter. And anything we can do to make them better caretakers of their own future is certainly worth trying.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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