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Winter bedroom design ideas

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By Alexandra Kerr

If you're feeling inspired by snow covered mountains, luxurious furs and rural woods, create a surprisingly warm and comfortable winter bedroom design. With a focus on European minimalist styling meeting American rustic themes, a winter bedroom can make the best of a chilly season.


Winter bedrooms take a turn from vividly designed spring, summer and even fall décor schemes. Avoid pinks, light greens, oranges, reds and other bright shades. Think of nature when selecting colors for your winter bedroom, and stick to white for all your large surfaces like ceilings, walls, floors and comforters. Colors within the winter theme should include:

- White
- Black
- Brown
- Silver

If you do want more color than basic black, white and brown, consider adding small touches of blue and purple. Avoid bright shades, and find pieces that blend well with cool tones like darker, subtle blues and purples without much pattern or embellishment.


In a contrast to the relative lack of color in a winter bedroom, the materials found in this theme are meant to be varied and luxurious. Whether you actually live in a cold, snow covered region, or simply want to pretend, let the feel of a chilly winter's night inspire your fabric and material selections. Materials to include:

- Faux fur blankets
- Alpaca or sheep skin rugs
- Wool
- Solid colored flannel (traditional plaid can look more rustic than euro-chic)
- Dark leather
- Dark woods
- Painted white woods


If you decide to purchase furniture for your winter bedroom design, remember to keep colors and styles simples.

- For woods, either purchase very dark browns and black, or plan to paint them white.
- Styling should either be a European inspired minimalist look, or a slightly embellished with leather and metal.
- Let your headboard be the focal point of the bedroom. Keep side tables slim and minimal, while the headboard can be large and embellished. Quilted, dark leather with metal studs, or left plane, compliments white bedding with a dark faux fur throw.
- Use trunks to store extra blankets, sheets and comforters. Select trunks and chests in dark colors, and set them at the foot of your bed and besides chairs.

Decorations & Accessories

Extra pieces in your winter bedroom will go far in establishing the theme. Stick to the color and material guidelines for the perfect accessories to establish a warm, comfortable environment during the chilliest of seasons.

- Fill vases or very large, clear pots with twigs or branches. If you leave them plain, make sure their bark is very light brown to white, otherwise paint them white.

- Use faux fur throw blankets on your bed, chairs and other seating areas around the bedroom. As both stylish and functional pieces of décor, they are a near necessity for the winter bedroom theme.

- Either purchase or make mirror and photo frames using white painted branches. White their shape ties in the natural theme, their stark white color blends well with the minimalist tones of the room.

- For a euro twist on rustic antlers, paint antler light fixtures or wall décor completely black, or completely white. Like branches, their color and shape with mix perfectly with the minimalist and natural themes.

- Use white, grey or silver linens for your bedding.

- Add contrast and depth to light colored bedding with accent pillows. Select pillows in dark brown or black shades of leather, cotton or faux fur.

- Large rugs beneath or beside the bed keep cold floors from ruining your morning. Select an area rug made of a luxurious and comfortable material. Depending on your budget, purchase a large faux fur, alpaca or sheep skin rug in either a very light or very dark color.

- If you have a fireplace in your bedroom, decorate the mantle with white branches, small accessories without much ornamentation or frill and dark wooden or metal photo frames. Candelabras painted solid black or white also add a nice touch.

- If you are celebrating the holidays, try incorporating some seasonal décor into your winter bedroom. Stack black, white, silver, blue or purple Christmas ornaments inside a clear glass hurricane vase and set on a nightstand or small table. Drape a white or silver garland across the fireplace mantle, if you have one or fill a vase with white twigs and red berries.

The key to designing a beautiful winter bedroom theme is blending the elements of European style with American rustic comfort. Keep colors and furniture styles clean, without much detailing, carving or ornamentation. Use fabrics to create a warm and cozy bedroom, with furs, leathers and soft cotton for bedding and seating. Use natural décor painted black or white to combine the European and American influences, and add a seasonal touch to your room. 

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