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LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) -- A spokeswoman for U.S. Army Recruiting Command says the loud booms heard across the area were from a unit out of Fort Campbell conducting training with large-caliber weaponry at Fort Knox, using 105 Millimeter Towed Howitzers.

Public Information Officer for Fort Knox, Kyle Hedges says heavy artillery training went on throughout the day, but and already wrapped up.  He says, "To put that in perspective for you, the Abrams Tanks we're all used to around here are 120 millimeter gun tubes."

Hedges says current atmospheric conditions contributed to the sound carrying as far as it has and that is why it was louder on Wednesday and not over the past few days.

He says, "When it's an overcast type of day, the sound essentially bounces off the cloud cover and makes it not only louder for surrounding communities, but the sound carries a lot further than it normally would."

WDRB's Facebook page was flooded with dozens of comments of people wanting to know what happened, saying they too felt the vibrations and heard all the booms.

Donna Bischoff says, "The second boom was harder then the first in my neighborhood (Audubon Park)... My dog heard it or felt it before it happened..he was barking & running around."

Connie Kerl Reecer says, "We are between Fern Creek & Highview and have heard them for over an hour also. Shaking glass in the china cabinet."

And Rita Wilson says, "We live in Vine Grove, 3 miles from Fort Knox. We are used to hearing the loud booms and bangs, etc. But this shook our house so bad that the pictures fell off the walls. There were two sonic boom type incidents."

WDRB News contacted Metrosafe, which said it also received reports of loud noises.

Connie Kerl Reecer posted that she is between Fern Creek and Highview, "and have heard them for over an hour also. Shaking glass in the china cabinet."  Other people speculated that the booms and rumblings could have been from an earthquake or sonic boom, but Fort Knox confirms that it was actually training on its facilities.

Anyone who had property damage from the vibrations, can file a claim with Fort Knox. The phone number is 502-624-0993

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