A booming area of Jefferson County is getting a big boost to one of its main arteries. While it may be a headache now, a road construction project will get rid of daily traffic for thousands of drivers.

The far northeastern corner of Jefferson County is sprawling.

"Norton Commons just keeps growing, the Summitt keeps getting more stores," said Patti Joyce, of the area.

The Summitt Shopping Center happens to be one of the places Patti Joyce spends a lot of her time. But to get there from Oldham County, where she lives, she has to sit in bottleneck traffic. More than 20,000 people drive the stretch of KY 22, also known as Brownsboro Road, each day.

Patti has seen the construction but was surprised to learn it is not being widened into 4 lanes-- it will be stretched out to SIX. "No I didn't know that, I've actually looked at it and actually wondered what the heck they're doing! Is this going to be an expressway?!" she laughed.

KY 22 will be widened into six lanes from Chamberlain Lane to KY 1694. From 1694 to Murphy Lane it will be three lanes including a center turn lane.

1694 is a main road leading up to Norton Commons and is also being widened up to the 71 overpass.

"It's wonderful because all of the people in Oldham County now have more places to go, more places to eat, to shop, we don't have to drive down to the malls, it's perfect," said Joyce. Now, they will have a faster way to get to all of their favorite places. "Hopefully it'll bring more people in and out of the thoroughfare and less frustration of the bottleneck that's been there since i've lived here," said Joyce.

This 6.3 million dollar project should be completed by next November.