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Swap Gigs with Sterling Riggs: Sewer Cleaner

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This time of the year, leaves are everywhere. They may be beautiful to some, but cause huge problems for MSD road crews when they are not picked up.

And when you are the new guy on the block, you start on the shovel and work your way up!

"The hours can be very long," said MSD Supervisor, Kevin Bright.

After last week's heavy rain, I joined Kevin and the gang to see what it's like to work on the front line.

"If you have a basin such as this one in front of your house if you have leaves or trash in your yard, it does not take long for them to get clogged up," said Bright.

This is just one of nine crews that comes to the rescue when a street floods.
After a good rain, they clean 200 to 300 catch basins a day.

I first tried my hand at controlling the pumping machine.

It went alright, but the boys felt that I might do a better job guiding the suction arm.  Let's just say they got a kick out of taking this rookie along for the ride.

After about 30 minutes, the storm drain was clean and in tip top shape.

The waste is then dumped at an MSD location.

If you want to help these guys out, be proactive about keeping your leaves picked up.  

"We get called after the fact as a reactive measure and it's a lot harder to take care of and it takes a lot longer to take care of and mitigate the situation," said Bright.

One storm drain down, 28,999 more to go!

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