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HENRY COUNTY, Ky. (WDRB) -- "Not fit for an animal or human being."  That's what Henry County officials are calling a home found with about 200 pets.  More than 100 dogs, cats, horses and other animals were found in deplorable conditions in Henry County, Ky., last night.

Today, representatives were on the scene to rescue the animals.  Rescuers say they've gotten no sleep, but are bringing the pets to safety.

On the steps to a trailer, you see feces, urine and litter. Once you get through the door, you see much more. Dirty pet crates are scattered all over the trailer, and feces is smeared near the windows.

Henry County officials say what they found is troubling. Dan Flinkfelt, the director of Animal Service for Henry and Trimble Counties says an anonymous tip led investigators here.

Flinkfelt says three people live on the property, in conditions he calls "deplorable" and "not fit for an animal or human being."

He says a woman was selling the dogs at local flea markets, but was also hoarding pets. "We found nearly 110 dogs, and around 30 to 40 cats and other livestock on the property," Flinkfelt said.

Outside the conditions were the same. Several rabbits were in feces-filled cages.  Animal Control also found nine horses, a screech owl, hermit crabs and a hybrid wolf with feces and dirt-covered hair.

It says one dog was found dead and a vet is checking on the sick and injured animals.

Lisa Elswick of Henry County Animal Control, said that what she saw at the scene troubled her emotionally -- even to the point of tears.

"There were quite a few moments that, yes ma'am, I did break down in tears, but the things that makes me feel good as that these guys will be well taken care of and so loved," said Elswick.

Oldham and Shelby County organizations are also helping, as they have to remove the dogs and take them to safety.

About 100 of the dogs are at Henry County Animal Control and will need to be moved to foster care.

The property owner's name has not been released, but the Animal Service Director says one person is charged with 10 counts of animal cruelty and he's still looking for the other two people who live there.

Henry County Animal Control is also looking for volunteers, even to help wash the 100 dogs at the shelter today.

"I've been looking at a lot of them and saying Merry Christmas," Elswick added. "Here's your present: we're getting you out of here!"

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