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What Happened to the Republican Moderates? (1/2/12)

The more I hear from the Republican presidential hopefuls in debates and interviews, the more I am persuaded that, absent some major catastrophe, Barack Obama will be re-elected.

No. I don't anticipate a landslide, simply because the already sour economy that President Obama inherited hasn't sweetened up nearly enough. But that doesn't justify Republicans' gross misrepresentations of his record so as to have more appeal to the GOP's intemperate, far right wing.

Some Republican hopefuls have even backed away from the sane and compassionate public policies that they endorsed in the past, causing many to ask, "What has become of the "The Party of Honest Abe Lincoln?" What happened to Republicans like the ones who were prominent when I was growing up in New York? Nelson Rockefeller, Jacob Javits and John Lindsey, to name a few, actually gave Democrats a real run for their money to win the minority vote.

Now, however, it seems reasonable and moderate Republicans can never thrive or survive the new GOP base that fears America's melting pot and exhibits no taste for compromise or moderation.

It's time for Republicans who insist that they are moderates to wrestle their party back from those who dishonor the GOP's legacy as a big tent. I believe my grandfather, who was a Republican, would say that his "Party of Lincoln" has been hijacked, and many others and I would be inclined to agree.

I'm Betty Baye, and that's my Point of View.

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