LOUISVILLE, KY (WDRB) -- A judge is holding a Kentucky man without bond, saying he is "a danger to the community" for his involvement in a shooting that killed two women.

Ronnie Evridge, 57, told authorities he shot the two women in self defense. 

Investigators were called to a home on 18 Mile Creek Road on December 18th for the report of a disturbance. It's there that investigators found the bodies of Heather Fulkerson and Sandy Allen. Even though Evridge is married, he told officers he had been seeing Allen.

Evridge has not been charged directly with the shootings but was arrested last week for probation violation stemming from a terroristic threatening charge from this spring. 

New court documents filed Tuesday show that Evridge violated his probation by possessing firearms and being involved in the shooting. 

In a signed document dated Dec. 27th, 2011, Judge Diane Wheeler denies Evridge's release from jail stating he's a "danger to community based on involvement with shooting and weapon possession."

According to his arrest warrant from December 23rd, Evridge told authorities he purchased two handguns - a .44 Magnum and a .22 caliber – about a week and a half before the shootings.

Surveillance footage from the Wal-mart store in LaGrange, KY shows that Sandy Allen and Evridge were at the store together on Dec. 17  – one night before the shootings.

Allen's mother, Edna Sloss, told WDRB News that she is struggling with the deaths of her daughters. She says both Allen and Fulkerson had "problems with prescription pills" but that neither would have robbed anyone.

"I'm really hurt real bad. I can't believe my kids died before I did," Sloss said.

Evridge is being held without bond. He is expected in court this week. He declined our request for a jail interview.