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New details released in murder of Trey Zwicker

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LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) -- His cause of death for a 14-year-old Louisville boy has never been a mystery, but the murder weapon has been in question until now. 

WDRB News has uncovered some of the disturbing and graphic details about how Trey Zwicker was murdered.

According to court documents and family members, Trey's teenage stepbrother beat him to death.  Here is a portion of several conversations uncovered in recently released court documents.

School Resource Officer: "I'm at Liberty High School. 3307 East Indian Trail."

911 Dispatcher: "Tell me what's going on."

Resource Officer: "I've got a body in the back part of the school that has been found."

Zwicker's body was discovered behind Liberty High School last May.

"I'm not saying he did anything at all.  I don't know, but is he capable of it? Oh yeah, he's stupid," said Trey's father Terry Zwicker during an interview with Metro Police after his son's murder.

From the beginning, Trey's stepfather Joshua Gouker was a suspect with police and even Trey's dad.

"He said that he knew that somebody Trey knew was responsible for Trey's death," says Teri Zwicker, Trey's stepmother.

Shortly after the funeral, Gouker and his son Joshua Young left the state.  Metro Police detectives found them in Alabama and eventually learned what may have happened to Trey.

Joshua Gouker: "Louisville homicide detective are here and they know everything!"

Young's grandmother Ruby Jessie: "About what?"

Joshua Gouker: "About Trey!"

Ruby Jessie: "What about him?"

Joshua Gouker: "What happened to him."

Once in Alabama, detectives interviewed Gouker and called several family members who confirm his story that his son killed Trey.

Detective: "And did Little Josh tell you that he did it?"

Ruby Jessie: "Yes!"

Detective: "And did he tell you what he had used to do it with?"

Ruby Jessie: "Yes!"

Detective: "What?"

Ruby Jessie: "A bat."

Young's grandmother says he admitted beating Trey to death with a baseball bat.  And there's more.

Detective:"Did he tell you how many times he hit Trey?"

Ruby Jessie: "He said maybe 19."

Detective: "19 times with a bat?"

Ruby Jessie: "Yeah."

Metro Police then turn their attention to Joshua Young. But instead of a confession, Young asked for an attorney. 

"I'm sticking to the story that I told you; I'm not pleading guilty to this," said Joshua Young, during an interview with Metro Police.

Young was eventually arrested, but details of the crime are still disturbing to Trey's family.

"When you talked to Trey he didn't have no problems with lil' Josh, you know? They really didn't hang out a lot, but they played basketball together, you know, they did things together. You wouldn't think somebody close to him would do something like that," says Teri Zwicker.

As for Joshua Gouker, he has not be charged in connection with the murder.

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