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Garbage Hardships Seem Exaggerated (1/17/12)

Most would agree it's a good thing when an elected official finds a way to save $50,000. But when Mayor Greg Fischer did it by skipping Monday garbage pickups on the recent New Year's and Martin Luther King Jr. holidays instead of incurring expensive overtime, more than a few people blew their tops.

I understand a little frustration. But a lot of the reaction was out of proportion to the situation. 

Yes, the same people were inconvenienced twice in a span of fifteen days. But how many of the gripes were based on true hardship and how many came from people who simply live to complain?

Those city-issued garbage containers are pretty big. And while many large families need all that space, I'd be willing to bet most residents have more than enough for two weeks worth of trash.

And how many of the complainers don't take advantage of the city-provided recycling service? If your overloaded trash can is half-full of stuff that really belongs in the recycling bin, you're partially responsible for your problem.

In these times, saving $50,000 is nothing to sneeze at. No one's going to love missing a couple of garbage pick-ups, but the sacrifice in this case was minor next to the benefit.

As long as this doesn't become a habit, I think we should worry about bigger issues instead of sweating the small stuff.

Call and let us know your thoughts.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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