LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) -- A historic Louisville church is in danger of holding worship service in the cold and dark this weekend.  As of Thursday night, Lampton Baptist Church is without power.

"I said, well, how could it be this much?" asks Longtime Pastor James Miller.  Rev. Miller recently discovered the church has a $32,000 LG&E bill. "It just blew me away."

And this didn't just happen overnight.  In fact, the first sign of trouble came last January. Church official Roberta Alston says, "And then the next bill that came in was this, which was really shocking."

"$17,000 in one month... after they had paid it down," says Miller.

The church has been making monthly payments but an LG&E audit discovered the source of the problem wasn't just a quick fix.

"Recently we found out that with our boiler, for every dollar we spend, we're getting like ten cents worth of heat. That's a problem," says Alston.

"It is true, their boiler is having issues, but it is their personal equipment that they need to get a contractor to fix," says Chris Whelan, LG&E's Director of Communication.

LG&E has been working with the church, but at this point there's not much the company can do without a significant payment.

"We're very sympathetic to their situation and hate that it has come to this situation that we've actually had to disconnect them," says Whelen.

With Sunday service just around the corner and a bulletin board full of upcoming events, Pastor Miller says without electricity he's fighting a losing battle.  "With no lights, no heat--how can you work with your people and pay the bill?"

The church also has a food pantry and clothing closet that are both now in the dark.

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