Here at the Brown Hotel, only the best will do. From the sheets to the toilet, everything has to be perfectly clean.

Marisbel Botiel has been pushing the cleaning cart down this hall for the past ten years. And yes, yours truly joined her for the afternoon.
Marisbel is not much for words, but made one thing clear before we started.

"It's working hard," she explained.

She works five days a week, cleaning sometimes 15, 16 rooms a day. Over the years, that adds up to roughly 53,000 rooms.

She always strips the bedding first, then moves on to the bathroom. She was happy to supervise this part of the job.

(Sterling) How does it look?
(Marisbel) Good.
(S) You know this is not the first toilet that I've ever cleaned.
(M) Oh my goodness. What about this?
(S) Oh I missed it.
(S) She is now going to get me the toilet brush so I don't have to clean it by hand. I appreciate that. I'll give it the ole swap around."

Now that the porcelain throne is clean and amateur hour is over, the master can go to work.

Marisbell typically turns a room in just 30 minutes. It took us a little longer than that to get things just right.

"I try everyday working for the guest," she says. "When I clean the room, I think about the guest." 

She put the finishing touches on things while I got rid of the dirty sheets.

One room down... 14 more to go.

While I enjoyed meeting Marisbel, let's just say the hotel manager didn't offer me a part time position.