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Guest Editorial – Brownsboro Road Reconfiguration (2/17/12)

The Brownsboro Road Project in Clifton/Clifton Heights will take one of the four lanes and install an eight-foot-wide curbed sidewalk.  That leaves three lanes for vehicles. One will continue through headed downtown; the next will become a turning lane and the third will continue through headed away from downtown. 

We're confident this project will benefit everyone because the two center lanes function as turn lanes today. When turning vehicles stop and wait for oncoming traffic to clear so they can turn, all vehicles behind them stack up, thus creating virtual "turn lanes" out of these center lanes today.  Meanwhile, the outside lanes carry traffic in both directions.  This project will cause fewer delays for vehicles traveling through.  Why? Because they won't be dodging cars darting in front of them by folks who are trying to get around someone turning. 

After 13 years, dozens of public meetings and two prior proposals, this third project accomplishes everything we would hope for. Traffic slows down to the posted 35 miles per hour; and it's more orderly, efficient and thus, safer for motorists, bicyclists and finally, visually-impaired pedestrians. 

And, it's good for business!  Why?  When people slow down, they see businesses they've never noticed before, and they come back and shop at them.  Surely, all these benefits are worth delaying drivers four to ten seconds a trip.  Of course they are! 

I'm Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh and that's my Point of View. 

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