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Murder suspect says he's being targeted

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- In his first television interview from jail, the man accused of gunning down a woman in a Louisville park talks about the murder.  Dejuan Hammond says he believes he's being targeted.

He spoke to WDRB's Gilbert Corsey, without a lawyer present, to lay out his conspiracy theory. 

"It's not only about me," Hammond said Friday.  "You're sending the family on an emotional roller coaster, when you're looking for closure...and all you're looking for is advancing your career.  Now this is election time, so y'all using this to fuel your campaign.  You know, you got Maze trying to get a Court of Appeals seat, and Rostyne trying to get David Stengel's seat." 

Dejuan Hammond was arrested in October and is charged with complicity to murder, among other charges, in the death of Troya Sheckles, who was scheduled to testify in a murder trial against Lloyd Hammond -- DeJuan's brother.

Police and prosecutors believe Lloyd Hammond arranged Troya Sheckles' murder before she could testify against him.  Prosecutors in the current case have asked the judge to seal evidence against Hammond and Steven Pettway, who is also charged, to protect witnesses.

Hammond believes the information that led to his arrest came from a jailhouse informant who is not credible:  "I'm saying the victim's family get kicked around, the accused family get kicked around, and you got someone accused who ain't got nothing to do with nothing.  There's really innocent people in there."

When pressed on his relationship with Steve Pettway, however, Hammond responded, "No!"

That is where the interview turned.  The more WDRB's Gilbert Corsey pressed about Hammond's relationship with Pettway, the more agitated he became, with answers ranging from "You digging too deep" to, "What does he got to do with me?"

And then, abruptly, the interview ended, with Hammond saying, "this interview right here is over with."

Hammond has a pre-trial hearing set for Monday.  He is also charged in at least six other cases still being prosecuted.

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