You have to work at lightning speed to stay with these guys at Fish Window cleaning!

"The more efficient you are, the more money you are going to make," said Cail Shane.

Cail has been cleaning windows for four years. He works every day it's not raining and says flexibility is the best part of the gig.

"If you have something come up like important family things, I can finish up and get those things taken care of."

Our task for the afternoon is to get the Prospect Point Shopping Center squeaky clean. And it takes more than just elbow grease to make it happen.

When asked what the key is to a perfect window, Cail said, "What you may know is that a squeegee may help prevent streaks. Also it's the type of formula you use. A lot of people use ammonia based products. Those can be harsh and leave a streak behind. So we use a dish soap formula."

Most of the time one person mops the window, while the second person finishes the rest.

Cail says, "Generally the mop man does the majority of the work. When the guy using the squeegee get caught up and has to get something off of a window, he'll come back when the water starts to dry and work his way towards the guy on the squeegee to keep the pace going.'

And the guys were gracious enough to let me borrow a tool belt and have some fun.

CS: "When the job is dirty; you want to really scrub them up. You want a lot of soap and water."
SR: "These are not too bad."
CS: "They are not, we come here about once a month. Spider webs can be bad in this area, but that is so close to the river."
SR: "I think my first window was better."

SR: "How does that one look?"
CS: "They both look good man. I'm impressed."
SR: "Can I try a couple more?"
CS: "Sure!"