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Spineless Senators Sink Casino Gambling (2/28/12)

Many polls have shown that at least 80% of Kentuckians want the right to vote directly for or against casino gambling in Kentucky. But again last week, our State Senate, in full arrogance mode, denied them that right.

What a shame.

The stubborn obstinance of these alleged "representatives" can only be explained in a handful of ways:

They either (a) think the people aren't smart enough to decide such an important issue for themselves; (b) believe their personal moral beliefs should take precedence over the wishes of the voters; or (c) value the points they can make with David Williams over everything else.

The man who orchestrated this latest sabotage of the people's rights – David Williams – has once again had his way. And I have a couple of questions for the spineless senators who fearfully caved in to him.

Were you elected to represent your constituents? Or David Williams?

And did you not notice that Williams was soundly defeated in his November run for Governor, indicating a solid rejection of his policies by the voters?

Your failure to respect the will of the people on this issue is an abysmal example of voter betrayal. And come re-election time, those voters will be reminded of your timidity. Because I'll be first in line to do it.

Whether you support casino gambling or not, call and tell us how you feel about being left out of the decision.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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