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3 meth lab busts lead to arrests in Indiana

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NEW ALBANY, IN (WDRB) -- William R. Denton wasn't even sure why his grandson was arrested.

Police say it's because he was making meth. The apartment along Spring St. in New Albany marked the third meth lab bust in as many days for police in this area.

Maj. Keith Whitlock with New Albany Police believes with prescription drugs and synthetic "bath salts" becoming harder to obtain, he believes that might explain why his department has seen a recent increase in meth labs. 

Police tape lined the backside of the house along Spring St. Wednesday afternoon that's divided into two apartments. Denton lives in the front. His grandson, Douglas Lynch, 21, was arrested for dealing in meth among other felony charges.

A sign on the door alerts neighbors that hazardous materials could still be present.

"As far as I know he got arrested. For what I don't know. I don't know about any of that stuff. Like I say I never go back there," said Denton.

 Denton says he didn't know a potentially deadly situation was just feet way from his door.

Maj. Keith Whitlow says it's the start of an ugly trend.

"There's information out there now about the limited supply of certain perscription drugs and people who abuse bath salts, so that could make people want to cook meth now," Whitlow said.

The first arrest this week came from this apartment complex on Main Street.

A neighbor tells us she thought something was suspicious because she always saw people coming in and out of the apartment where the man was arrested earlier this week.

Each meth lab discovery ends with an enivornmental clean up and building inspection – presenting an opportunity to hold property owners accountable.

"It's a double edged sword and I think the economy has kinda forced a situation with the vacant properites," said David Brewer, the city's building inspector.

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