Since the recent tornadoes, WDRB has received numerous emails and calls asking why our news team has devoted so much attention to the hard-hit communities of Southern Indiana while supposedly "ignoring" Eastern Kentucky towns like West Liberty. And I'd like to respond.

First, WDRB has NOT been "ignoring" Eastern Kentucky. We've featured many stories on that area's devastation and will continue to – especially because so many people there have ties to this area.  Our thoughts and prayers are with those folks in West Liberty.

But yes – we have featured far MORE coverage of the destruction in Southern Indiana, and there's a good reason: Henryville, Pekin and the many other affected towns are located in our broadcast area. We serve these people every day. And they're as much a part of this community as anyone in Louisville's Highlands or Valley Station.

West Liberty, however, lies far outside our service area and relies upon an entirely different group of stations for concentrated, local news coverage. It makes no sense for us to send crews there every day when plenty of other stations are doing that job well.

I know Kentucky Pride is extremely strong. But serving our coverage area will always be our top priority. And if that means giving more attention to a town in Indiana 15 miles away than one in Kentucky that's 150 miles away, well, logic must prevail.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.  Now I'd like to hear from you.

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