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Though I pull for UK and greatly respect their basketball tradition, I think the outrage of many members of "Wildcat Nation" about the recent UPS commercial – the one featuring the famous shot by Duke's Christian Laettner that beat the Cats in 1992 – is a little extreme.

Sure, it's an unpleasant memory. But the spot doesn't dwell on that shot. It actually focuses on Grant Hill's in-bounds pass, citing it as an example of perfect logistics and delivery – the kind of service UPS provides.

But many want the commercial yanked off the air immediately, and think all Cat fans should boycott UPS for such "disrespect."  Some have even contacted their state legislators demanding they vote down any future bill that might benefit UPS!

Come on. Who really thinks UPS -- one of Kentucky's largest employers – would deliberately insult UK?  Plus, this was two decades ago. Two! UK's won two more championships since then!

Let Duke fans enjoy the commercial while they watch the rest of the tournament from the comfort of home, thanks to Lehigh. Meanwhile, I think Cat fans should just take a deep breath and concentrate on rooting their team to title number eight.

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