LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) -- At least a half-dozen homes were damaged Friday afternoon when an EF1 tornado hit a neighborhood in southeastern Jefferson County.

It happened in Cedar Brook, which was clearly one of the hardest hit areas. The powerful storm crushed part of the neighborhood. 

"Well, I just saw the funnel coming down," said Bob Harrington, who witnessed the tornado.

"You couldn't really tell which way it was going to go," said Chris Harrington. "So we actually just took cover and just did the best we could."

Right now, the neighborhood is a mess after the tornado touched down Friday afternoon.

"We were sitting on the couch and I just told my daughter to run down the stairs," said Elvira Alvarez. "By the time we got to the third step down, we heard crashing -- windows and glass breaking."

Alvarez didn't see anything, but heard the tornado coming and took cover. 

"And then I just huddled with her by the doorway and then we went to the closet, the coat closet," Alvarez said.

The tornado sent a big tree crashing through the back of her home. That caused Alvarez to question what she didn't hear before the storm. 

"Like I said, there were no sirens. The sirens came afterwards," Alvarez said. "It was like no warning whatsoever."

Meanwhile, a Metro police officer was on Brook Chase Court and saw the tornado as it was approaching. 

"And he documented right slightly before 2:15 he saw what appeared to him to be a funnel cloud drop from the sky," LMPD Major Mark Fox.

Fox says the tornado left a mess in a very short amount of time. "He [the officer] said a couple of seconds later, it lifted back up went back up into the sky and he saw the devastation that you see behind me."

So far, there have been no reports of injuries.

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