LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB Fox 41)---It's been several weeks since tornadoes devastated parts of Kentucky and Indiana.

One story that caught the attention of people nationwide involved a Henryville mother who lost her legs. 

While she's still recovering, friends of the family are working to make things a little easier on her.

"We're helping out Joe and Stephanie so they can have a home since theirs was destroyed," says Greg Armstrong, a friend of the Decker family.

Joe and Stephanie Decker have a home in Sellersburg that they have been renting out.

They had been living in a home in Henryville, which was hit by a tornado on March 2nd.

Stephanie was protecting her kids from the tornado in their basement and was crushed by debris.

Doctors had to amputate her legs.

"It's a good thing to come out here and help. It wasn't even a question whether we were gonna do it or not. We were all on top and ready to come out here and help this morning," says Matt Hawn, a Senior at Silver Creek High School.

Volunteers and players from Joe Decker's Silver Creek High School baseball team are now pitching in to help.

They helped move the family renting the Decker's Sellersburg home out, and spent the weekend getting it ready for Stephanie Decker to move back in.

From taking out carpet to installing hardwood floors, the goal was to make things easier for her when she gets out of rehab.

"They've already added an addition to the back of the house. I think it's a master bedroom that's gonna be wheelchair accessible," says Jacob Armstrong, a baseball player at Silver Creek High School.

"It's just good to come out here and help out the family and help get everything ready," says Matt Hawn.

It's the least they say they can do, for the family of the man, they say, has been there for them both on and off the field.

"I just hope Coach Decker knows that we love him. He always says family comes first so that's definitely what we're doing today," says baseball player Tim Dierking.

As for Stephanie Decker, she was released from the hospital on March 16th, and was taken to the Southern Indiana Rehab Facility.

She is expected to soon have another surgery on her left leg.

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