LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB Fox 41)---Kids that attended the Stay-N-Play daycare in Henryville are temporarily attending the after school program at Silver Creek Elementary School in Sellersburg. They are now thankful for a big donation that will help them in the weeks to come.

A 9-year-old Sidney, Ohio boy is helping to spread an important message to the kids in this classroom about how to help in a time of need.

Robby Gillette saw surveillance video on tv of the Henryville school being hit by a tornado and was inspired to help.

"I felt sad because there was lots of signs bent and cars crashed and stuff. I even saw a school bus crash into a side of a house and I thought that was sad," says Robby Gillette.

Among the people in the school at the time were some of the students with the Stay-N-Play daycare, and 2 of their teachers.

"Mr. Jeff counted really fast and we went to the boys bathroom and went to the office and stayed under a table," says 9-year-old Shelby Waggoner.

They had to crawl out of a glass window to get out of the school.

"I knew that we were going over glass, and I knew that there was a lot of sparks that was taking place with the electrical lines and stuff like that," says Jeffery Boss, a Stay and Play teacher.

9-year-old Robby Gillette wanted to do his part to help those students. With help from his parents he gathered a truck full of donations.

"For him to reach out on his own is incredible," says Katie Walker, a Stay and Play teacher.

Showing, you don't have to be a certain age to help. Even the youngest kids, are teaching others how to give.

"Do you think what you're doing is a really good thing"? we asked Robby.

"I actually do, because if we get a bad tornado down in Sydney, they might be able to donate some things to us that they don't want," says Robby Gillette.

The Stay-N-Play class plans to keep in touch with Robby and says they now consider him an honorary member of their classroom.

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