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A "Special" Type of Thievery (4/17/12)

Once again, Kentucky's state legislature is convened in a special session to take care of business they couldn't – or, more accurately, wouldn't – complete during their regular 60-day session. But because there's certainly nothing "special" about something that happens every year like clockwork, I think we need a new name for this gathering.

How about the "Broken promises" session? Or the "Pad our salaries" session? Or the "We can do anything we want because the voters never pay attention" session?

Any of those names would get a lot closer to accurately describing the cynical attitude our alleged representatives in Frankfort have toward their elected duties.

These extra sessions are estimated to cost the state $60,000 a day -- which means a single extra week of taking care of things that should have been dealt with on time costs close to a third of a million dollars.

This has happened now for seven consecutive years.

You know what happens to most employees who miss seven consecutive project deadlines?

They get fired.

So why should these chronic do-nothings be treated any differently?

If legislators were paid a flat salary instead of a daily per diem, a lot of the incentive for this bogus "overtime" would be eliminated. And I believe all Kentuckians should demand support for such a change from anyone seeking their vote in the future.

Call and tell us what you think.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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