PADUCAH, Ky. (AP) -- The man who was at the helm when a boat brought down a span of a Kentucky Lake bridge says he trusted a river pilot's instructions.

Capt. John Newland testified Tuesday at a U.S. Coast Guard hearing in Paducah, saying the span he tried to sail under on Jan. 26 was the only one with illuminated channel lighting.

The Delta Mariner struck the Eggner's Ferry Bridge on Jan. 26.

A recording was played at the hearing in which breaking glass could be heard, along with the roar of part of the Eggner's Ferry Bridge collapsing on the bow.

Before the crash, a voice identified as that of Capt. William Collins, who was giving instructions in the pilot house, was heard telling Newland that the target to aim for was a green navigation light.

Kentucky is being given $9 million in federal money to repair damage to the bridge.