The Louisville Orchestra musicians are going back to work and there will be a classical season beginning in September. 

The dispute involved two very different and honorable ideologies.  Both sides were devoted to maintaining the highest level of quality. But the musicians were fighting to preserve jobs within the Orchestra while the Orchestra Board was determined to put an Orchestra on the stage that Louisville could afford.  Neither side wanted to compromise.

Over the course of the past year, 12 different people tried to jump in and get a deal done.  While many of them moved the sides a little closer together, no one was successful in resolving the issues.  Then Jim King offered his help.

King is a guy who has long supported the arts in general and the Orchestra in particular.  He is also the President of the Metro Council who has the trust and support of the unions.  He was probably the best person who could have stepped into the talks because he has credibility with both sides. 

King worked tirelessly for almost four weeks until finally, last week, they struck a deal.  Jim King succeeded where 12 others had come up short and he deserves credit for this.  By the way, he didn't get paid a dime for his effort.  He didn't even get any free tickets.  The least we can do is acknowledge his hard work for our community.

I'm Bill Lamb…and that's my Point of View.