LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro cracks down on people who don't pay their parking tickets, meaning twice as many drivers could get the boot.

A slight tweak to Louisville's boot ordinance could be a swift kick in the pants to problem parkers.  "In the past you had to have two outstanding citations and be found in violation," says Parking Authority of River City Assistant Director Tiffany Smith.  "Now the meter could be paid, but if you have three or more citations you are boot-eligible." 

The fee to get the boot off your car -- $350.

Shawn Wall is a Parking Enforcement worker with the city:  "You get individuals that are aggravated about the boot," he says, "but some are just as angry about a single ticket."

You may actually see him out patrolling in his "boot van" because that's the new way the city is cracking down.  Cameras on the outside are connected to a database and constantly scan license plates for habitual violators.

Wall expects his work to double to 15-20 boots a day:  "This is nothing I've set forth.  This is what the city has decided.  So this is what we have to enforce."

Smith adds, "Our goal is not to catch everyone who is outstanding. This is an attempt to encourage people who have ignored the laws and the meters in the past to pay."

Mayor Greg Fischer has been very open about Louisville's $12 million fiscal gap, saying, "The city is facing serious financial challenge."

There is $3.3 million to be had in those outstanding parking fees.  With 19,000 people owing 94,000 citations, Wall says the equation is simple:  "If you do have any outstanding citations, now would be an excellent time to take care of that."

To pay, contact the Parking Authority of River City:

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