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Politicians – Are They All Crooks? (5/8/12)

While hardly anyone rushed to Richie Farmer's defense after my criticism of him last week, I was disappointed to find a common theme running through many of the comments we received.

In essence, lots of people said, "Sure, what he did was wrong, but every elected official does it. If we investigated them all, we'd discover things that bad – or worse – about all of them."

That troubles me. Sure, I know corruption isn't restricted to just Farmer's office. But all of them? Have we really gotten to the point where every person representing us in Frankfort – or Washington – puts stealing and cheating ahead of the job they were elected to do?

I don't think so.

Sure, corruption will always get more attention than simply showing up and doing your job. But I believe we still have many honest individuals doing their best to represent their constituents in both parties. And allowing the bad eggs to paint all politicians as "fellow thieves" not only discounts the severity of their crimes, but also makes people a lot less likely to vote in the future because they think it doesn't really matter.

Well, I think it still does matter. Because I believe honest politicians still exist. And I believe there are a lot of them.

But how about you? Do you really think all politicians these days are crooks?

Call and let us know.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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