The United Nations has shown projections of the Earth's population growing to between 10 and 16 billion -- a number the earth won't support.

It's not a matter of people liking their space; we don't have the food and fuel to support a population of that size. We can only make room for so many more people before life as we know it crumbles before our eyes and we've exhausted all of our natural resources.

In 2008, NASA was credited with eight of the "Top 25 Scientific Breakthroughs" that occurred in the last 25 years. Now it's true that one of NASA's focal points may be space exploration, but it isn't the only one. To deny funding to NASA for the singular reason of not believing in the need for space exploration is counter-productive. Denying funding for NASA is denying funding for one of America's major scientific research centers.

People will say that we have enough problems to deal with right now. And they're right. So why not put our money towards a program that could help to resolve those problems? You can't deny that NASA has done great things, like developing a mechanical arm that allows a surgeon to operate three machines at the same time. The government must stop cutting NASA's budget, for the sake of science and our future.

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