CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDRB) -- Keith Kaiser was out and about as usual Tuesday morning on the second leg of his Tennessee Tour.

Keith spent some time at the Tennessee Aquarium, where he met Chattanooga Chuck, a woodchuck -- commonly known as groundhogs -- with a remarkable sense of balance.

Chattanooga Chuck has front paws that work like hands, helping with tasks like eating and holding on to things. Since it's basically a ground squirrel, and moving hundreds of pounds of soil each day as he searches for food and digs burrows.

Susie Grant, who works at the Tennessee Aquarium, says groundhogs have played an important role in the history of Chattanooga. They're part of folklore, have been used as a food source and as a source of fur.

The Tennessee River is close to the Tennessee Aquarium and is home to river otters. They share the river with a host of other creatures that are all highlighted in the aquarium's river journey exhibit.

"They all have an impact on the environment," Grant said.

Keith also spent a little time getting to know Stan, an Eurasian Eagle Owl, which is one of the world's largest types of owls. He's part of the Ranger Rick Exhibit at the Aquarium, designed to get people up and close and personal with all different types of animals.

Candace Davis with the Chatanooga Visitors Bureau says the aquarium kicked off a revitalization of the aquarium in the early 90s.

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Join us Wednesday when Keith continues his Tennessee Tour from a historic home.

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