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Tips for Point of View Callers (5/24/12)

One of the most interesting things about doing Point of View is getting to hear the responses so many of you call in with each week. They're often insightful, frequently funny and always worth consideration.

Unfortunately, many we'd love to share with everyone can't be used because of a few basic problems with the callers' phone techniques. So here are some tips that might help you get on the air the next time you call.

First, please turn your TV volume down – or off – while calling. We often get comments that are really impressive, but can hardly be understood because of the episode of "Judge Judy" blaring in the background.

In the same vein, keep in mind that mumbling or speaking barely above a whisper is also a bad idea. You may make a great point, but it's up to you to enunciate it. If you care enough to call, make the effort to state your opinion clearly.

And finally, brevity is as important as clarity. Since we want to use as many comments as possible, the chance of using yours decreases drastically once it goes beyond ten or twelve seconds. Make whatever you have to say short and to the point.

Feedback is critical to Point of View, and the more who participate, the better. Keep these tips in mind, and maybe you'll be on TV next week.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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