Louisville, Ky. (WDRB)  --   Only 13 brave men are members of the Louisville bomb squad.  The group investigates explosive devices found in the city. 

Sterling Riggs joined the bomb squad for the afternoon to see what the team goes through. Sergeant Barry Denton set up a mock situation and helped him put on the 75 pound bomb suit.

Denton says the squad responds to 60 calls a year.  Most of the calls involve military devices or suspicious packages.  The majority of the situations don't involve a dangerous device.  According to Sterling, the gear is extremely heavy and the helmet weighs much more than a football helmet. 

Sergeant Denton then put Sterling through two tests.  The first one was to pick up a set of keys. He then had to get up off his back while in the bomb suit.  Sterling passed both tests with relative ease.  He was now ready to go inspect the suspicious package set out by the LMPD bomb squad.

When a member of the team inspects a device believed to be a bomb, a quick X-ray is taken and then processed in the mobile command center.  Slowly and deliberately Sterling made his way near the device to take an X-ray.  In a matter of two minutes, it was determined that the device was a dud.

Sgt. Denton said that he did a pretty good job.  Despite being a mock situation Sterling said that the drill got his heart pumping and that he has a lot of respect for the members of the LMPD bomb squad.

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