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Time Warner First Act - Yank WDRB from Cable System (5/30/12)

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NOTE: The following "Point of View" is not scheduled to run until May 31, but WDRB News is bringing it to you on the Web a day early. Thus the phrase, "tonight at midnight" refers to Thursday night at midnight.

Time Warner First Act - Yank WDRB from Cable System (5/30/12)

Time Warner Cable recently bought Insight, and one of the first things they are likely to do will be to take WDRB and WMYO off their system Thursday night at midnight.  Let me explain.

Cable systems create very little programming or content. Their business is to take the work of others, gather it together, and send it into your home.  They pay a fee every month to all their program providers like ESPN, TNT, CNN as well as television stations like WDRB and WMYO.  They pay all of us for our programming. 

So what's happening here is simple:  We want them to pay us fairly for WDRB.  They want to pay less than fair market value.  By our estimation, of the hundreds of channels on the Time Warner system in Louisville, WDRB is one of the top two or three most viewed.  Our news viewership is growing, we have invested millions in new programming, and when severe weather strikes WDRB is there with outstanding people and state-of-the-art equipment to serve you and help keep you safe.  We are here for this community 24/7.  We sure don't have to be paid the most, but for all that we feel we must be worth at least fair market value.   

Time Warner is new to town.  They haven't really had time to do anything for the community, or learn about what's important to this town, but I would hope that local television stations would be on that list.  I would hope you would take a minute and call Time Warner/ Insight and tell them that you value WDRB and WMYO. They'll tell you to press "1" to hear a recording, but press "0" to talk to a real person.

I can look you in the eye, as I do several times a week, and honestly tell you that we are negotiating fairly.  We do not want to come off Time Warner, but we can't take less compensation than fair market value. 

I'm Bill Lamb…and that's my Point of View.

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