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Bluegrass Boardwalk – Give it a Chance (6/5/12)

Bluegrass Boardwalk – formerly known as Kentucky Kingdom – is back in the news again.

Ed Hart, who previously negotiated unsuccessfully with the State Fair Board to reopen the park himself, is claiming there are selfish motives behind the Koch family's recent announcement that the park probably won't be ready until 2014. He implies the Kochs only got involved to delay any reopening as long as possible, thereby eliminating competition for their Holiday World park in Southern Indiana.

But this makes little sense to me. Since they'll now own both parks, why would they be concerned about competition between Holiday World and Bluegrass Boardwalk? And given the large population Louisville serves, why would they ignore the profits that can be made here?

The Kochs say their only concern is to make sure Bluegrass Boardwalk is as safe and attractive as possible when it finally does open, and I believe them. Their reputation for maintaining a top-quality product at Holiday World is well-earned, and cutting corners here in Louisville just to meet an arbitrary date doesn't seem their style to me.

We were happy when the Kochs announced their plans last year. And I think it's way too soon now to suddenly find evil intentions lurking around every corner.

But how about you? Do you think Bluegrass Boardwalk will ever open as a top-quality park?

Call and let us know.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.


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