Last week, former Trinity High School teacher Donald Switzer was found not guilty of charges of sexual abuse and physical harassment brought by a former student. But despite that verdict, an air of suspicion and doubt will surely surround Mr. Switzer as long as he remains a member of this community.

And that's too bad.

Regardless of "not guilty" verdicts, accusations alone have the power to taint a person's reputation. And once allegations are publicly made – no matter how unfounded they may be – no "magic wand" can erase them from the public consciousness. Even though he was cleared in a court of law – and has 39 years of experience -- I'll be surprised if there's any rush by anyone to offer Mr. Switzer another teaching job.

There's no question we, as a society, have the duty to protect our young people from exploitation or abuse by adults in positions of trust. 

But in this day and age – when it's so pitifully easy to destroy someone's reputation with the merest suggestion of wrongdoing -- don't we also have a duty to protect innocent people from false accusers?    

A charge of sexual abuse is a bell you can't unring. That's why we must be judicious not only in making such accusations in the first place, but also in deciding when they're worthy of prosecution.

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I'm Bill Lamb and that's my…Point of View.