New Albany, Ind. (WDRB) -- In New Albany with her garden, Kelly Bailey is enjoying her life now. She still has a wooden sculpture that William Clyde Gibson made for her father. She says Gibson was good at wooden crafts and could also carve out soaps.

But 12 years after they dated, Bailey is now spending a lot of time talking with police about her ex-boyfriend Gibson, who is charged with murdering three women over 10 years.  Bailey says, "I'm not surprised at all they've got him with three. What I'm shocked is he just stopped at three. "

Bailey says she met Gibson at Squire Boone Caverns where the two had worked. They dated and were friends from 1999 to 2001.  She says they lived together for about a year, but she started noticing a change in him.

She says, "He wanted to know if I would go to a sex party one night. I said that's not my style. I don't know if that's when he started going down that very bad path. His mood started changing after that."

Bailey says he started abusing drugs and alcohol and would get into fits of rage. She says in 2001, he beat her in front of her workplace.

She says, "He starts hitting me, hits me in the mouth, hits me in the face and stuff. I'm assuming he's trying to knock me out. I reflect 10-12 hits of his."

She says because she fought back, she was not killed. She considers herself to be lucky.

"I got to know him pretty good when I was living with him and I got to knew him like the back of my hand."

In a letter to the local newspaper, Gibson says he would plead guilty and accept the death penalty "just to save some more heartache." His trial is scheduled for August.

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